this is the oldest song that i consider to be “from the modern period”, i.e. written after i was sixteen (which is like 800 years ago)! these are not the original lyrics. gerry taylor is a stickler for the “asinine design” version. he has to get with the new style! (gerry has often played bass with me in my bands and on my records. we love you, gerry!) i actually pounded this out on the piano in winnipeg. eventually colin campbell added a guitar solo in thunder bay. here i've tried to capture the spirit of his guitar solo. mike trebilcock says i did a pretty good job of lynyrd skynyrd-ing the solo. free bird, look out!


in this land to speak love is heresy.
sweetheart come on and live this lie with me.
you know we all have past lives that haunt us now and then.
sweetheart don’t be afraid. love finds us in the end.
and I’ve waited so long…
sweetheart come on and work your magic on me.
i know it’s wrong but let it loose on me.

in these times, to speak out is heresy.
sweetheart come on and cast the spell on me.
all of this life’s a warzone. we’ve fled now from our homes.
i know you’re stalking me. i know i’m not alone.

you and i we don’t speak the same language,
speak the same language, you and i.
in my heart i know that love song, know that death song lullaby
that lulls you to sleep. we’re never going to say good-bye!

gone now i am love console me.
this life of mine is yours control me.
darling sweetheart won’t you hold me?
stockholm syndrome i adore thee.


from RADIO FRIENDLY FIRE: Demos 2013​-​14, released December 20, 2014
Written, recorded, and not very produced by Mackenzie Kristjon.



all rights reserved


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The music of Hamilton, Ontario-based Mackenzie Kristjon. Like "Neil Young on David Bowie drugs". For more info, please contact mackenzie.kristjon at mac.com

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