at one point, i was asked to write a song about father's rights. i was sent all kinds of case material. just horrible stories of parental alienation and abuse from all across north america. as i began to compose the lyrics, i tried to add a sense of hope to what is inherently an unpleasant situation which is why i threw in the bit about the new romance at the end... the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.


open hearts open minds.
no surprise what you will find.
i have a friend in an old steeltown.
he can’t believe what goes around.

he permits what you resist.
he doesn’t see his kids but he wishes he did.
and they don’t know how his heart melts like snow.
from all those times from long ago.

are you with me?
open hearts open minds.

take a chance, a new romance.
i already know your secret plans.
i have a friend in an old steeltown.
he can't believe what goes around.

open hearts open minds.


from RADIO FRIENDLY FIRE: Demos 2013​-​14, released December 20, 2014
Written, recorded, and not very produced by Mackenzie Kristjon.



all rights reserved


This Mad Desire Hamilton, Ontario

The music of Hamilton, Ontario-based Mackenzie Kristjon. Like "Neil Young on David Bowie drugs". For more info, please contact mackenzie.kristjon at mac.com

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