I’m actually not done writing and arranging this song but I think the lyrics are so interesting that I had to include this! I want to meet this girl with orange lips whose voice is cold as snow. She haunts my dreams!


“You’ve been gone such a long time, baby. Tell me where did you go,”
said the girl with the orange lips whose voice was cold as snow.
The ladies down on the boardwalk walk their dogs down by the sea.
They pass us by but their jeweled eyes cry out “raised on robbery”.
I’m the devil in training. I am the saint at prayer. I’m the wind in the desert. I’m the scholar in the dark armchair. I’m the resplendent traveler always with the brand new style. I’ve seen and done everything but I might as well be a child.


You stood in this kitchen and it wasn’t what you thought.
It’s been such a long time that I was hoping you’d forgot.
All those dreams out the window and you know it’s why I left.
I never wanted to hurt you; I just thought it was for the best.
I’m the devil in training. I am the answered prayer. I’m the light in the storm, the sailor in your stare. I’m the consummate salesman always with the great big smile. I’ve seen and done everything but I might as well be a child.



from RADIO FRIENDLY FIRE: Demos 2013​-​14, released December 20, 2014
Written, recorded, and not very produced by Mackenzie Kristjon.



all rights reserved


This Mad Desire Hamilton, Ontario

The music of Hamilton, Ontario-based Mackenzie Kristjon. Like "Neil Young on David Bowie drugs". For more info, please contact mackenzie.kristjon at mac.com

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