Greatest song of all time! Steve Baric at TheManSphere.com says this song has a tasty riff and almost a Minneapolis vibe. i take that as high praise! plus it has science fiction lyrics (which i don't normally do) that reference the artist Kandinsky. the one aspect that really helps Steve's argument is that i refer to a record store that is in Minneapolis and Duluth called "electric fetus". coolest store name ever!


disprized I’ve read the rePorTs. tHere was nothing I learNed..
they drank the match & kerosene but could not be burned..

recuperate renoVate revisit redeem..
say what you want not what you meAn..

they specialize in tenderness, these mechanical heRds..
they sacrifice new maths and appliance-words..

recuperaTe renovate revisit redeem..
do what you want not what you dream..

disprized and looking to the sky
to serve up a new paradigm.
their gods of flesh breed pregnant spies.
electric fetus, electric eyes.

they traNsmiT twittering tones to-Night!
they woN’t find their way home To-night!
they won’t feeL dispriZed..


from RADIO FRIENDLY FIRE: Demos 2013​-​14, released December 20, 2014
Written, recorded, and not very produced by Mackenzie Kristjon.



all rights reserved


This Mad Desire Hamilton, Ontario

The music of Hamilton, Ontario-based Mackenzie Kristjon. Like "Neil Young on David Bowie drugs". For more info, please contact mackenzie.kristjon at mac.com

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